The Triune Mass

The Triune Mass is a beautifully written ritual by Sib. Z. Arrhenothelus in conjunction with The Thelemic Order (TTO) to celebrate the mysteries of Thelema and the individuality of everyone, no matter how one may identify. It is a magickal rite that exemplifies the union
of the individual with the divine and their own inherent sacredness. It is a eucharistic sacrament which all may freely partake, no matter their spiritual path. The Law is
for All. Every Man and Every Woman is a Star.

The Triune Mass was written as an alternative to the Gnostic Mass, which was originally written by Aleister Crowley in 1913 while in Moscow.

The Triune Mass is in its very nature: gender-fluid, non-binary and genderqueer
friendly adaptation of the Gnostic Mass, Liber XV. TTO is about transparency, safetey and consent. Whether this is your first time attending or hundreth, you can expect full transparency and disclosure about everything that is the Mass.

If you have any allergies or physical disabilities that you feel may hinder you from actively participating in the Mass, be sure to talk with one of us so we can
accommodate accordingly. Thank you for participating with us.