St. Hamilton

St. Hamilton, a native of Birmingham, AL is the very living, breathing embodiment of Thelema at its finest. She has been blazing a pathway as powerful as the Sun for spiritual and gender equality through Life, Light, Love and Liberty her whole life.

Though not associated with Thelema spiritually, or canonized by the EGH, St. Hamilton recognizes and embraces the fundamental core values, principles, understandings and fulfillment of the Law: Love is the Law, Love under Will.

St. Hamilton is an inspiration to so many people from around the world due to her fiery spirit, noble causes, and her genuinely loving and caring nature for all life. She continues to fight for freedom in the most hostile conditions. She supports love no matter what form it takes through her continuation of the Arts including films, literature and paintings.

St. Hamilton 2018 – Two Spirited One

“Everything is repeated, and everything is complete”