Tu’at Apothecary by Brienne

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Tu’at Apothecary by Brienne

Live in Magickal Moments

Quality Witchmanship

Tu'at Apothecary is nothing short of completely hand-made, exotic, and magickally created loose incense, oils, and magickal inks. Our herbs are of the highest quality and are from all over the world.

About Brienne

I began my path in 1991 when I discovered Wicca and Witchcraft. Herbs and incense quickly became a passion and spiritual calling. Over the years my path took many twists and turns and I became an Eclectic Witch with a love of rituals and the scents associated with them. I have worked for over twenty-five years to develop close relationships with the plants I work with, including baneful ones. I enjoy spell and ritual creation and I have always had a love for the written word and the power behind the magick of writing. I met my significant other in 2014 and he introduced me to the world of Ceremonial Magick and Thelema. Together we have written and performed many holiday celebrations, invocations, evocations, guided meditations, and planetary workings. I hand blended all the incenses and oils corresponding to these rituals. This was a whole new world of herbal knowledge and practice that has now become Tu’at Apothecary by Brienne.

I am pleased to offer you herbal products made from the finest and rarest ingredients procured from all over the world. Each blend is formulated to be specific to your meditations, devotions, pathworkings, invocations, evocations, or other rituals. Use your sense of scent to add to the magick of your Great Work. Allow the spirits of these sacred plants that make up these very special, hand-blended magickal incenses accompany you on your journeys.

Each herbal blend’s ingredients are unique. The process to create each blend can take up to a month. Whether I am awaiting Peony from the Ukraine, or Ivy coming from Greece, it is worth the wait. Hand grinding each herb and blending each mix is a magickal ritual and my version of Alchemy. When each batch is complete I consecrate it, bless it, commune with the energies of the plants, and thank them for their service in my act of creation. You can rely on my and my partner’s more than 50 years combined years experience to aid you in your magickal endeavors. I am honored that you chose Tu’at Apothecary by Brienne for aid in  your Great Work


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