The Thelemic Order (TTO)

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The Thelemic Order (TTO)

The Thelemic Order, Inc., is a Church. Incorporated in the US State of Delaware, it serves a worldwide mission to promulgate the Law of Thelema. If you need to know more about Thelema, there is information in the left hand column. As a Thelemic Church TTO is Progressive and Heterodox.

TTO is explicitly progressive in that we reject any interpretation of Thelema which fuels intolerance, including racism, white nationalism, misogyny and classism, while practicing tolerance by enthusiastically embracing modern models of gender, sexual identity, and consent.

Heterodox is the opposite of orthodox. Where orthodox means doing things one way, heterodox means doing things many ways. Thelema is syncretic by nature, and what is interesting, healthy, and respectful for one person's practice may not fit another. Nor is doing things "like Crowley did them," practical or meaningful to everyone. We empower our Clergy and Members to experiment and do those things which have personal meaning to them, rather than adhering to a strict formula.

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