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Pineapple Abbey

Pineapple Abbey is the Mother Chapterhouse of the Bhakti Votary Movement.  We are an oasis of Esoteric and Sacramental Initiatory formula and Devotional Praxis in the Rocky Mountains.

We Amalgamate and through this union, a true expression of the new Aeon is manifested.
We adhere to the tradition of Free Assembly and come to the dedication of this unique Egregore by way of the Free Illuminist, independent Sacramental, Thelemic, Moorish Science and Vedic Foundational stones that our great masters have set as the genesis of the unique approach of our Abbey.

We are a Society of Theurgic Sacramentalists, A decentralized Collective of Mystics and Seekers who wish to pursue common Rites and Devotional actions.  We see the benefit in the esoteric application of community ritualized discipline for the purpose of the development of our egregore.  This development will enact our geat sacramental symbiosis.

As we feed the Gods with our Prayers, so then we feast upon the Gods and the great balance is maintained.


Chief Cleric
Archcleric Anthony Sanchez, OA, ODM
Tau Meinrad Nahash, OA, ODM


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Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States

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