Love is the Law, Love under Will

93s and thank you for visiting the website of the Crowned and Conquering Child, a Private Sanctuary based in Northeast Alabama serving the Thelemic, Magickal and LGBTQIA communities. St. Hamilton’s is a partner of The Thelemic Order (TTO), a non-profit organization and Church incorporated in the State of Delaware. Our mission is to provide a safe, non-discriminating environment in the name of Light, Life, Love and Liberty for our siblings regardless of one’s chosen spiritual path, religious background, sexual orientation or gender identity.

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We are a Progressive and Heterodox Thelemic Order. Visit TTO

By progressive we affirm the following with TTO:

We reject any interpretation of Thelema which fuels intolerance, including racism, white nationalism, misogyny and classism, while practicing tolerance by enthusiastically embracing modern models of gender, sexual identity, and consent.

By Heterodox we affirm the following with TTO:

Where orthodox means doing things one way, heterodox means doing things many ways. Thelema is syncretic by nature, and what is interesting, healthy, and respectful for one person’s practice may not fit another. Nor is doing things “like Crowley did them,” practical or meaningful to everyone. TTO empowers their Clergy and Members to experiment and do those things which have personal meaning to them, rather than adhering to a strict formula.

“Success is your proof; courage is your armour; go on, go on, in my strength; & ye shall turn not back for any!…” AL III:46

“Thus shall we not hide behind our gods, but shall ever strive with tireless energy, the continuous certainty of our Will and Divine Nature in accordance with the Law in the name of Light, Life, Love and Liberty. Every Man and Every Woman is a Star. For it is each individual that has the ultimate responsibility to correct and to know his/herself.” – Body Master, Heb Heru Hery Ka

“We are infinitely tolerant, save of intolerance.”

Aleister Crowley, New Comment on II 57, Liber AL

The Law is for All

We take discrimination, intolerance, transparency, safety and consent very seriously.

We believe in the individual rights of every man and woman in the name of Light, Life, Love and Liberty. We do not discriminate and will take affirmative measures to ensure against discrimination and allow equal and complete participation in all aspects of the Sanctuary on the bases of ethnicity, ancestry, appearance, gender, gender identity, gender expression, sexuality, sexual identity, sexual expression, International origin, age or disability. For it stated that “Every man and every woman is a star.” We also will not discriminate on the basis of previous faith, familial faith, or religious beliefs which are not directly relevant to or do not contradict the Understandings of The Thelemic Order.